In the Moment

        469 Autism and Hospitals: A Difficult Match Eve Megargel and Sarabeth Broder-Fingert

        View from the Association of Pediatric Program Directors

        471 The Pediatrics Milestones: A Continuous Quality Improvement Project is Launched—Now the Hard Work Begins! Robert Englander, Ann E. Burke, Susan Guralnick, Bradley Benson, Patricia J. Hicks, Stephen Ludwig, Daniel Schumacher, Lisa Johnson, and Carol Carraccio

        Nutrition and Physical Activity

        475 The Frequency of Outdoor Play for Preschool Age Children Cared for at Home-Based Child Care Settings Pooja S. Tandon, Chuan Zhou, and Dimitri A. Christakis
        481 Dietary and Physical Activity Behaviors of New York City Children From Different Ethnic Minority Subgroups Nita Vangeepuram, Nancy Mervish, Maida P. Galvez, Barbara Brenner, and Mary S. Wolff

        Health Policy

        489 Potential Savings From Redetermining Disability Among Children Receiving Supplemental Security Income Benefits Christian D. Pulcini, Milton Kotelchuck, Karen A. Kuhlthau, Alixandra A. Nozzolillo, and James M. Perrin

        Behavioral Conditions and Mental Health

        495 Work Experience and Style Explain Variation Among Pediatricians in the Detection of Children With Psychosocial Problems Meinou H.C. Theunissen, Antonius G.C. Vogels, and Sijmen A. Reijneveld
        502 Parental Strain, Parental Health, and Community Characteristics Among Children With Attention Deficit−Hyperactivity Disorder Melanie Sberna Hinojosa, Ramon Hinojosa, Daniel Fernandez-Baca, Caprice Knapp, and Lindsay A. Thompson
        509 Identifying Children at Risk for Being Bullies in the United States Rashmi Shetgiri, Hua Lin, and Glenn Flores
        523 The Relationship of Reported Neighborhood Conditions With Child Mental Health Ashley M. Butler, Marc Kowalkowski, Heather A. Jones, and Jean L. Raphael

        The Role of Families

        532 Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Health-Related Quality of Life and Health in Children Are Largely Mediated by Family Contextual Differences Jan L. Wallander, Chris Fradkin, Alyna T. Chien, Sylvie Mrug, Stephen W. Banspach, Susan Davies, Marc N. Elliott, Luisa Franzini, and Mark A. Schuster
        539 Coparenting in Teen Mothers and Their Children's Fathers: Evidence From the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study–Birth Cohort Amy Lewin, Stephanie J. Mitchell, Lee S. Beers, Mark E. Feinberg, and Cynthia S. Minkovitz

        Developmental Pediatrics and Early Intervention

        546 Does the Persistence of Development Delay Predict Receipt of Early Intervention Services? Beth M. McManus, and Steven A. Rosenberg
        551 Barriers to Evaluation for Early Intervention Services: Parent and Early Intervention Employee Perspectives Manuel E. Jimenez, Frances K. Barg, James P. Guevara, Marsha Gerdes, and Alexander G. Fiks

        Pediatric Surgical Care

        558 Fundoplication and the Pediatric Surgeon: Implications for Shared Decision-Making and the Medical Home David Fox, Juliana Barnard, Elizabeth J. Campagna, L. Miriam Dickinson, Jennifer Bruny, and Allison Kempe
        567 Is Nonperforated Pediatric Appendicitis Still Considered a Surgical Emergency? A Survey of Pediatric Surgeons John C. Dunlop, James A. Meltzer, Ellen J. Silver, and Ellen F. Crain
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