Table of Contents

        APA Presidential Address 2012

        83 To Create a Better World for Children and Families: The Case for Ending Childhood Poverty Benard P. Dreyer

        In the Moment

        91 The Mask Elizabeth Hiroko Ristagno


        93 Community-Engaged Research Perspectives: Then and Now Shari Barkin, David Schlundt, and Padget Smith

        Children with Chronic Conditions

        98 Preventive Asthma Care Delivery in the Primary Care Office: Missed Opportunities for Children With Persistent Asthma Symptoms Alison B. Yee, Maria Fagnano, and Jill S. Halterman
        105 Correlates of Physiological and Psychological Stress Among Parents of Childhood Cancer and Brain Tumor Survivors Elizabeth A. Pollock, Kristin Litzelman, Lauren E. Wisk, and Whitney P. Witt
        113 Medical Home for Adolescents: Low Attainment Rates for Those With Mental Health Problems and Other Vulnerable Groups Sally H. Adams, Paul W. Newacheck, M. Jane Park, Claire D. Brindis, and Charles E. Irwin Jr.
        122 Parent Partnerships in Communication and Decision Making About Subspecialty Referrals for Children With Special Needs Christopher J. Stille, Shira H. Fischer, Nancy La Pelle, Beth Dworetzky, Kathleen M. Mazor, and W. Carl Cooley

        Education Research

        133 Evaluation of a National Bright Futures Oral Health Curriculum for Pediatric Residents Henry H. Bernstein, Niramol Dhepyasuwan, Kara Connors, Kevin Volkan, and Janet R. Serwint, for the CORNET Investigators
        140 Qualitative Abstracts at the Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting: Are They Less Likely to be Accepted for Presentation? Eve R. Colson, Benard P. Dreyer, Janice L. Hanson, Linda Tewksbury, Matthew Johnson, and Glenn Flores

        Vulnerable Children

        145 Developmental and Health Services in Head Start Preschools: A Tiered Approach to Early Intervention Bergen B. Nelson, Paul J. Chung, Steven R. Forness, Olivia Pillado, Susan Savage, Helen M. DuPlessis, Whitcomb Hayslip, and Sheryl H. Kataoka


        152 Weight Change in Pediatric TennCare Recipients Referred to a Commercial Weight Loss Program Nia S. Mitchell, Christina A. Suh, Nanette Stroebele, James O. Hill, and Adam G. Tsai
        159 Development of Mental Health Problems and Overweight Between Ages 4 and 11 Years: A Population-Based Longitudinal Study of Australian Children Pauline W. Jansen, Fiona K. Mensah, Susan A. Clifford, Henning Tiemeier, Jan M. Nicholson, and Melissa Wake
        168 Childhood Obesity in Secondary Care: National Prospective Audit of Australian Pediatric Practice Michele Campbell, Hannah E. Bryson, Anna M.H. Price, and Melissa Wake
        177 Reviewer Acknowledgment