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        489 Youth Tobacco Exposure: The Pediatrician's Role in Addressing a Persistent Problem Veronica L. Gunn

        APA Research Award Speech

        491 Rights and Great Responsibilities of Academic Pediatricians William O. Cooper

        In The Moment

        493 Girl? Interrupted Gregory Plemmons

        View From The Association of Pediatric Program Directors

        495 Cross-Cultural Training in Pediatric Residency: Every Encounter Is a Cross-Cultural Encounter Joyce R. Javier, Tami Hendriksz, Lisa J. Chamberlain, and Elizabeth Stuart


        499 Child Injury Control: Trends, Themes, and Controversies Brian D. Johnston and Beth E. Ebel

        Research On Smoking

        508 Impact of Environmental Tobacco Smoke on Children With Asthma, United States, 2003–2010 Lara J. Akinbami, Brian K. Kit, and Alan E. Simon
        517 Strict Smoke-free Home Policies Among Smoking Parents in Pediatric Settings Deborah J. Ossip, Yuchiao Chang, Emara Nabi-Burza, Jeremy Drehmer, Stacia Finch, Bethany Hipple, Nancy A. Rigotti, Jonathan D. Klein, and Jonathan P. Winickoff

        Mental Health--Young Children and Youth

        524 Persistence of Mental Health Problems in Very Young Children Investigated by US Child Welfare Agencies Sarah McCue Horwitz, Michael S. Hurlburt, Amy Heneghan, Jinjin Zhang, Jennifer Rolls-Reutz, John Landsverk, and Ruth E. K. Stein
        531 The Effect of Primary Care Interventions on Children's Media Viewing Habits and Exposure to Violence Jill Aragon Neely, Julia Hudnut-Beumler, Margaret White Webb, Antwon Chavis, Mary S. Dietrich, Len Bickman, and Seth J. Scholer
        540 Use of Complementary and Alternative Medical Therapies Among Youth With Mental Health Concerns Kathi J. Kemper, Paula Gardiner, and Gurjeet S. Birdee

        Research in Pediatric Education

        546 Using Tablet Computers to Teach Evidence-Based Medicine to Pediatrics Residents: A Prospective Study David B. Soma, Jason H. Homme, and Robert M. Jacobson
        551 Integrating Mental Health Services in Primary Care Continuity Clinics: A National CORNET Study Maya Bunik, Ayelet Talmi, Brian Stafford, Brenda Beaty, Allison Kempe, Niramol Dhepyasuwan, and Janet R. Serwint
        558 Pediatric Resident Perceptions of Public Health Education: Learner-based Insights Into Curriculum Design and Implementation Kelly A. Johnson, Kaethe P. Ferguson, Natasha K. Sriraman, Pravash Mukherjee II, and Clarence W. Gowen Jr.
        564 Innovative Online Faculty Development Utilizing the Power of Social Media Melissa Klein, Virginia Niebuhr, and Donna D'Alessandro
        570 Teaching and Assessment of Ethics and Professionalism: A Survey of Pediatric Program Directors Alyssa F. Cook, Sarah A. Sobotka, and Lainie F. Ross

        Methods--Developmental Screening

        577 Evidence-Based Milestones for Surveillance of Cognitive, Language, and Motor Development R. Christopher Sheldrick and Ellen C. Perrin
        587 Three Questionnaires to Detect Psychosocial Problems in Toddlers: A Comparison of the BITSEA, ASQ:SE, and KIPPPI Marianne S. de Wolff, Meinou H.C. Theunissen, Anton G.C. Vogels, and Sijmen A. Reijneveld
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