Table of Contents


        S1 Quality Improvement in Pediatric Health Care: Introduction to the Supplement Marie C. McCormick, John Patrick T. Co, and Denise Dougherty
        S5 A Tall Order: Improve Child Health Charles Homer
        S7 The American Academy of Pediatrics and Quality Improvement Thomas K. McInerny and Ramesh C. Sachdeva
        S9 Engaging Families (and Ourselves) in Quality Improvement: An Optimistic and Developmental Perspective Christina D. Bethell
        S12 Practice-based Quality Improvement/Research Networks: Full Speed Forward Steven Kairys, Richard Wasserman, and Wilson Pace
        S14 Quality Improvement and Maintenance of Certification Paul V. Miles and Virginia A. Moyer
        S16 The Role of Policy in Quality Improvement Lisa A. Simpson and Gerry Fairbrother
        S21 Disparities and Quality: The Next Phase for High-Performing Pediatric Care Anne C. Beal and Romana Hasnain-Wynia

        Methods in QI Research

        S23 Recommendations for Evaluation of Health Care Improvement Initiatives Gareth J. Parry, Andrew Carson-Stevens, Donna F. Luff, Marianne E. McPherson, and Donald A. Goldmann
        S31 Cluster Randomized Trials for Health Care Quality Improvement Research Michelle M. Garrison and Rita Mangione-Smith
        S38 Use of Interrupted Time Series Analysis in Evaluating Health Care Quality Improvements Robert B. Penfold and Fang Zhang
        S45 Considering Context in Quality Improvement Interventions and Implementation: Concepts, Frameworks, and Application Kathryn M. McDonald

        QI in Clinical Settings

        S54 Quality Improvement Research in Pediatric Hospital Medicine and the Role of the Pediatric Research in Inpatient Settings (PRIS) Network Tamara D. Simon, Amy J. Starmer, Patrick H. Conway, Christopher P. Landrigan, Samir S. Shah, Mark W. Shen, Theodore C. Sectish, Nancy D. Spector, Joel S. Tieder, Rajendu Srivastava, Leah E. Willis, and Karen M. Wilson
        S61 Quality Improvement in Pediatric Emergency Medicine Charles G. Macias
        S69 Pediatric Collaborative Networks for Quality Improvement and Research Carole M. Lannon and Laura E. Peterson
        S75 Quality Improvement Initiatives in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Networks: Achievements and Challenges Vibhuti Shah, Ruth Warre, and Shoo K. Lee
        S84 The National Improvement Partnership Network: State-Based Partnerships That Improve Primary Care Quality Judith S. Shaw, Chuck Norlin, R.J. Gillespie, Mark Weissman, and Jane McGrath
        S95 Nine States' Use of Collaboratives to Improve Children's Health Care Quality in Medicaid and CHIP Kelly J. Devers, Leslie Foster, and Cindy Brach