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        543 Kinship Care Moira Szilagyi
        545 The National Children's Study 2014: Commentary on a Recent National Research Council/Institute of Medicine Report Marie C. McCormick, Dean B. Baker, Paul P. Biemer, Barbara Lepidus Carlson, Ana V. Diez Roux, Virginia M. Lesser, Sara S. McLanahan, George R. Saade, S. Lynne Stokes, Leonardo Trasande, and Greg J. Duncan
        547 Educational Scholarship in Academic Pediatrics: Reflecting on Our Past and Looking Forward to Our Future John Patrick T. Co and Maryellen Gusic

        2014 Academic Pediatric Association Research Award

        549 The Research Home: Partnering with Families Alejandro Hoberman

        In the Moment

        554 Yes, There Are Developmental Emergencies Lisa H. Shulman

        View from the Association of Pediatric Program Directors

        556 New Program Requirements Present Challenges and Inspire Innovations in Med-Peds Programs Sara E. Gardner, Alda Maria Gonzaga, and Russ C. Kolarik

        Children at Risk

        559 Health Status and Type of Out-of-Home Placement: Informal Kinship Care in an Investigated Sample Ruth E. K. Stein, Michael S. Hurlburt, Amy M. Heneghan, Jinjin Zhang, Jennifer Rolls-Reutz, John Landsverk, and Sarah McCue Horwitz
        565 Mental Health Beliefs and Barriers to Accessing Mental Health Services in Youth Aging out of Foster Care Christina Sakai, Thomas I. Mackie, Rashmi Shetgiri, Sara Franzen, Anu Partap, Glenn Flores, and Laurel K. Leslie
        574 Differing Perceptions Regarding Quality of Life and Inpatient Treatment Goals for Children With Severe Disabilities Robyn Nolan, Brenda Luther, Paul Young, and Nancy A. Murphy
        581 Cumulative Social Risk Exposure, Infant Birth Weight, and Cognitive Delay in Infancy Erika R. Cheng, Julie Poehlmann-Tynan, John Mullahy, and Whitney P. Witt
        589 Risk Score for Predicting Adolescent Mental Health Problems Among Children Using Parental Report Only: The TRAILS Study Huibert Burger, Marco P. Boks, Catharina A. Hartman, Maartje F. Aukes, Frank C. Verhulst, Johan Ormel, and Sijmen A. Reijneveld

        Research in Pediatric Education

        597 The Greater Good: How Supervising Physicians Make Entrustment Decisions in the Pediatric Emergency Department Gunjan Tiyyagura, Dorene Balmer, Lindsey Chaudoin, David Kessler, Kajal Khanna, Geetanjali Srivastava, Todd P. Chang, and Marc Auerbach
        603 Challenges and Potential Solutions to Educating Learners About Pediatric Complex Care Jori F. Bogetz, Alyssa L. Bogetz, David Bergman, Teri Turner, Rebecca Blankenburg, and Allison Ballantine
        610 Pediatric Residency Program Handover: Before and After the ACGME Requirement Melissa R. Held, Georgine S. Burke, and Edwin Zalneraitis

        Children's Oral Health

        616 Oral Health Opinions and Practices of Pediatricians: Updated Results From a National Survey Rocio B. Quinonez, Ashley M. Kranz, Charlotte W. Lewis, Lauren Barone, Suzanne Boulter, Karen G. O'Connor, and Martha Ann Keels
        624 Predictors of Unmet Dental Need in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder: Results From a National Sample Christy M. McKinney, Travis Nelson, JoAnna M. Scott, Lisa J. Heaton, Matthew G. Vaughn, and Charlotte W. Lewis

        Childhood Overweight

        632 Population-Level Obesity Surveillance: Monitoring Childhood Body Mass Index z-Score in a Safety-Net System Arthur J. Davidson, Emily V. McCormick, L. Miriam Dickinson, Matthew A. Haemer, Shanna D. Knierim, and Simon J. Hambidge
        639 What Can Providers Learn From Childhood Body Mass Index Trajectories: A Study of a Large, Safety-Net Clinical Population Emily V. McCormick, L. Miriam Dickinson, Matthew A. Haemer, Shanna D. Knierim, Simon J. Hambidge, and Arthur J. Davidson
        646 Exploring Innovative Approaches and Patient-Centered Outcomes From Positive Outliers in Childhood Obesity Mona Sharifi, Gareth Marshall, Roberta Goldman, Sheryl L. Rifas-Shiman, Christine M. Horan, Renata Koziol, Richard Marshall, Thomas D. Sequist, and Elsie M. Taveras
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