Table of Contents

        APA George Armstrong Lecture

        117 Outside Looking In, Inside Looking Out—Expanding the Concept of Health Karen Hein

        Narrative Review

        128 The Stepped Wedge Cluster Randomized Trial and Its Potential for Child Health Services Research: A Narrative Review Yasaman Fatemi and Robert M. Jacobson


        134 Simulation-Based Medical Education in Pediatrics Joseph O. Lopreiato and Taylor Sawyer

        View from the Association of Pediatric Program Directors

        143 Developing Leaders in Pediatric Graduate Medical Education: The APPD LEAD Program Franklin Trimm, Grace Caputo, Susan Bostwick, John Frohna, Hilary Haftel, Linda Waggoner-Fountain, and Su-Ting Li

        In the Moment

        147 Lucky Charles N. Oberg

        Use of EMR Prompts in Pediatric Practice

        149 Effect of Provider Prompts on Adolescent Immunization Rates: A Randomized Trial Peter G. Szilagyi, Janet R. Serwint, Sharon G. Humiston, Cynthia M. Rand, Stanley Schaffer, Phyllis Vincelli, Nui Dhepyasuwan, Aaron Blumkin, Christina Albertin, and C. Robinette Curtis
        158 Pediatricians' Responses to Printed Clinical Reminders: Does Highlighting Prompts Improve Responsiveness? Kristin S. Hendrix, Stephen M. Downs, and Aaron E. Carroll

        Issues for Children with Special Health Care Needs

        165 Taking Stock of the CSHCN Screener: A Review of Common Questions and Current Reflections Christina D. Bethell, Stephen J. Blumberg, Ruth E. K. Stein, Bonnie Strickland, Julie Robertson, and Paul W. Newacheck
        177 Learning Trajectories of Children With Special Health Care Needs Across the Severity Spectrum Sharon Goldfeld, Meredith O’Connor, Jon Quach, Joanne Tarasuik, and Amanda Kvalsvig
        185 Care Coordination, the Family-Centered Medical Home, and Functional Disability Among Children With Special Health Care Needs Jonathan S. Litt and Marie C. McCormick
        191 Stratification of Children by Medical Complexity John M. Neff, Holly Clifton, Jean Popalisky, and Chuan Zhou

        Issues in the Care of Childhood Overweight and Obesity

        197 Family-Based Obesity Treatment in Children With Disabilities Callie L. Brown, Megan B. Irby, Timothy T. Houle, and Joseph A. Skelton
        204 Parental Guidance Advised: Associations Between Parental Television Limits and Health Behaviors Among Obese Children Jennifer K. Cheng, Renata L. Koziol, and Elsie M. Taveras
        210 Latino Parents' Perceptions of Weight Terminology Used in Pediatric Weight Counseling Shanna Doucette Knierim, Alanna Kulchak Rahm, Matthew Haemer, Silvia Raghunath, Carmen Martin, Alyssa Yang, Christina Clarke, and Simon J. Hambidge

        Emergency Department

        218 Impact of English Proficiency on Care Experiences in a Pediatric Emergency Department Kimberly C. Arthur, Rita Mangione-Smith, Hendrika Meischke, Chuan Zhou, Bonnie Strelitz, Maria Acosta Garcia, and Julie C. Brown
        225 Children's Emergency Department Use for Asthma, 2001–2010 Julia B. Nath and Renee Y. Hsia

        Child Development

        231 Concurrent Validity of the Ages and Stages Questionnaires and Bayley Developmental Scales in a General Population Sample Scott Veldhuizen, Jean Clinton, Christine Rodriguez, Terrance J. Wade, and John Cairney
        238 Maternal Mobile Device Use During a Structured Parent–Child Interaction Task Jenny Radesky, Alison L. Miller, Katherine L. Rosenblum, Danielle Appugliese, Niko Kaciroti, and Julie C. Lumeng

        Reviewer Acknowledgment

        A5 Reviewer Acknowledgment