Table of Contents

        Systematic Review

        353 Treatment Interventions for Early Childhood Obesity: A Systematic Review Byron A. Foster, Jill Farragher, Paige Parker, and Erica T. Sosa

        Research in Pediatric Education

        362 Graduating Pediatrics Residents' Reports on the Impact of Fatigue Over the Past Decade of Duty Hour Changes Daniel J. Schumacher, Mary Pat Frintner, Ariel Winn, and William Cull
        367 Resident Self-Assessment and Learning Goal Development: Evaluation of Resident-Reported Competence and Future Goals Su-Ting T. Li, Debora A. Paterniti, Daniel J. Tancredi, Ann E. Burke, R. Franklin Trimm, Ann Guillot, Susan Guralnick, and John D. Mahan
        374 Advising Medical Students for the Match: A National Survey of Pediatrics Clerkship Directors Michael S. Ryan, Leonard J. Levine, Jorie M. Colbert-Getz, Nancy D. Spector, and H. Barrett Fromme
        380 Professionalism and Communication Education in Pediatric Critical Care Medicine: The Learner Perspective David A. Turner, Geoffrey M. Fleming, Margaret Winkler, K. Jane Lee, Melinda F. Hamilton, Christoph P. Hornik, Toni Petrillo-Albarano, Katherine Mason, and Richard Mink, for the Education in Pediatric Intensive Care Investigators

        Obesity/Overweight in Children

        386 Active and Healthy Families: A Randomized Controlled Trial of a Culturally Tailored Obesity Intervention for Latino Children Jennifer Falbe, Annabelle A. Cadiz, Nicole K. Tantoco, Hannah R. Thompson, and Kristine A. Madsen
        396 Overweight and Obesity in a Sample of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder Oana de Vinck-Baroody, Amy Shui, Eric A. Macklin, Susan L. Hyman, John M. Leventhal, and Carol Weitzman

        Childhood Challenges–Racial Disparities, Mental Health, Early Intervention, Physical Abuse

        405 Minority Parents' Perspectives on Racial Socialization and School Readiness in the Early Childhood Period Ashaunta T. Anderson, Aurora Jackson, Loretta Jones, David P. Kennedy, Kenneth Wells, and Paul J. Chung
        412 Parent Reports of Mental Health Concerns and Functional Impairment on Routine Screening With the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire Matthew G. Biel, Nicole F. Kahn, Anjuli Srivastava, Mihriye Mete, My K. Banh, Lawrence S. Wissow, and Bruno J. Anthony
        421 Asthma in US Mexican-Origin Children in Early Childhood: Differences in Risk and Protective Factors by Parental Nativity Marianne M. Hillemeier, Nancy S. Landale, and R.S. Oropesa
        430 Understanding Barriers to Early Intervention Services for Preterm Infants: Lessons From Two States Alison A. Little, Karen Kamholz, Brian K. Corwin, Alejandra Barrero-Castillero, and C. Jason Wang
        439 Examining Trends and Coexisting Conditions Among Children Qualifying for SSI Under ADHD, ASD, and ID Christian D. Pulcini, James M. Perrin, Amy J. Houtrow, John Sargent, Amy Shui, and Karen Kuhlthau
        444 The Accuracy of ICD Codes: Identifying Physical Abuse in 4 Children's Hospitals Anneka M. Hooft, Andrea G. Asnes, Nina Livingston, Stephanie Deutsch, Linda Cahill, Joanne N. Wood, and John M. Leventhal

        Health Care Costs and Insurance

        451 Assuring Adequate Health Insurance for Children With Special Health Care Needs: Progress From 2001 to 2009–2010 Reem M. Ghandour, Meg Comeau, Carol Tobias, Beth Dworetzky, Rose Hamershock, Lynda Honberg, Marie Y. Mann, and Sara S. Bachman
        461 Freelisting on Costs and Value in Health Care by Pediatric Attending Physicians Jennifer A. Jonas, Eleanor L. Davies, Shimrit Keddem, Frances K. Barg, and Evan S. Fieldston

        APPD 2015 Research Posters

        e1 APPD 2015 Research Posters